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Infinity Labz was established in 2017 and conceived upon the realisation that although existing web developers may create products to their customer’s specification, this is not synonymous with an understanding of business ethos and a grasp of the ‘bigger picture’ their client strives for. Infinity Labz fills this void by creating products to an exceptionally high standard whilst keeping the client’s aims, needs and entrepreneurial spirit at the forefront of any project. This is achieved with the eclectic team at Infinity Labz, ranging from experienced developers to successful entrepreneurs.

Infinity Labz is committed to creating high-end products for their clients, specialising in web and app development. The team can produce world class websites, web applications, web services, restful APIs and mobile applications native to both iOS and Android platforms. A wide array of project sizes can be completed, ranging from adding new features and pages to an already established website, a complete overhaul, or giving a company the tools to establish their online presence.

The Infinity Labz development team’s experience incorporates a wide range of specialities. Members include backend and frontend engineers. The team can also seamlessly incorporate databases into any project and accommodate any design, digital marketing and SEO requirements client’s may have.

Each project Infinity Labz undertakes is tailored to the client’s individual needs and specifications resulting in a fully bespoke product upon completion. A further facet Infinity Labz provides is maintenance of existing projects, whether designed by Infinity Labz or work from another developer. Where applicable, this service includes meticulous code analysis, optimisation and refactoring. If required, historical projects can be rewritten entirely, incorporating improvements in logic and UI.

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